Wife of evangelical pastor: Jesus is the only vaccination kids require

This wife of a megachurch pastor is pushing anti vax nonsense, even after a recent measles outbreak.

In a Southern drawl part Botox paralysis and part snake oil salesperson, a preachers wife made a flu season anti-vaccine video and posted it on Facebook Wednesday. “Well Listen Partners, we don’t have a flu season. We have a duck season a deer season, but we don’t have a flu season,” and goes on to say that Jesus is the only flu shot one needs.

Thus sayeth Gloria Copeland, part of a mega church family in Texas yet again peddling anti-vax conspiracy theories using their newsletters, TV show and pulpit. This resulted in the Texas megachurch being the epicenter and origin of a 2013 measles outbreak in which 11 out of 16 cases were connected to their church.

While some studies have shown that placebo can have short term positive effects on illness, this doesn’t mean anyone is recommended to skip vaccines. What the Copeland’s preach is dangerous anti science. Even the Catholic Church has been smart enough to discourage germ spreading communion during flu season.

You can watch the insanity in the video below:

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

For more on this read, “Megachurch pastor’s wife: Jesus is the only flu shot your child needs” written by Sky Palma for Deadstate on February 1, 2018.