Verified Conference: CryptoBlockCon New York

Blockchain Beach

CryptoBlockCon is a cryptocurrency & blockchain conference which convenes hundreds of passionate cryptocurrency and blockchain entrepreneurs, executives, developers and investors to talk about industry growth, adoption, scaling, and what the future can look like for blockchain technology and crypto assets.Event Ticket Link (Save 20% with Discount Code BEACH25CBC): – Where Great Minds Unite to Create the Future of BlockchainWe bring together hundreds of passionate Cryptocurrency and Blockchain experts to talk about the currencies, the technology, and what to expect in 2018.

At CBC, we’re here to talk about the future benefits of blockchain and crypto assets, and showcase companies who are using this technology to disrupt industries and continuously innovate.

With endless opportunities in an evolving industry, we’re passionate about the space, the future for cryptocurrencies and blockchain, and what the technology can hold. Come learn from the best in the space at CryptoBlockCon!

  • Hear from top speakers and experts on blockchain technologies and crypto assets
  • Network with the top investors, advisors, founders, and thought leaders
  • Learn actionable insights and how to leverage blockchain technology in your business
  • Meet startups using blockchain to innovate and disrupt some of the largest industries