Breast Feeding Mama Talk Staff

Mama Hack #1

Pumped liquid gold is precious and, as mamas, so is our time! This is an affordable, easy way to make sure you're using your pumped milk in the correct order without having to dig through the freezer. All you have to do is cut a small hole on the bottom edge of an appropriately sized gift bag. After pumping just lay it in the bag and not only do you have convenient access to the bag of breastmilk you need but it is also a simple way to make sure your bags freeze flat!

Mama Hack #2

Not everyone has the nearly $40 to buy a name brand hands free bra for pumping. Don't sweat it! With a $5 sports bra and a pair of scissors you can make your own. You want to make sure the bra is tight enough that it will hold the flanges firmly in place. Then, simply cut holes to fit the flanges as shown. Make sure to try the bra on and make note of where you want the holes to be first!

Mama Hack #3

This is a cute and convenient way to store your baby wash cloths. You can leave it out for easy access. Just grab and go! 

Mama Hack #4

What an awesome way to freeze individual portions of your homemade baby food! Most ice cube trays' sections are made to hold 1 ounce of a substance, which is a great portion to start with. This way you only have to thaw exactly what you need, saving money and time!

Mama Hack #5

There is a use for those adorable matching bumpers you got with your bedding set but knew not to use! After your little one learns to pull themselves up chances are they are going to go for the only thing that's in their crib to chew on, the rails of the crib! This is a really cute way to keep them from leaving tooth marks all over the rails of their crib.

Mama Hack #6-

This is such a great idea to keep a dresser from being destroyed after searching for a certain outfit! It also makes all the outfits visible so you can easily find what you are looking for. It is much easier to get them to stand up if you have something to divide the different rows.

Mama Hack #7

Its so hard to find an affordable, comfortable, warm, long sleeve shirt that doesn't have a bunch of buttons and snaps to mess with. Let's face it, when you've woken up 3 times though out the night already and its now 4 AM you don't want to try and unbutton a shirt, let alone button it back up. Most of would rather just latch a baby on while we drift in and out and not freeze to death while we do it. This a fun, easy and cheap way to accomplish that.

Mama Hack #8

Is baby too big for their cute little bath but not quite steady enough to sit in the bath tub on their own? Stick them in a laundry basket with a towel underneath them and put them in the tub! This is also great for mamas who need to shower with their baby and are hesitant to hold their squirmy little one the whole time.

Mama Hack #9

A lot of mamas try to turn to medication as a last resort. Whether they are have teething pain or a stuffy nose this is a great option to try first. Many mamas have reported success with this technique!

Mama Hack #10

We couldn't have a list of mama hacks without including our all time favorite.... breastmilk pops! These are great for teething babies and hot days. You can pick up similar molds at most stores (Walmart, Walgreens, ect) or online. Just fill the molds with expressed breastmilk, freeze, and let your little one go to town. For babies 6 months+: some mamas like to add a little pureed fruit as well!

Mama Hack #11

Clean/boil/sanitize empty chapstik containers and fill them with Breastmilk, freeze them, & whip them out to rub on where needed. 

Do you have an awesome Mama Hack idea that you think we should add? Let us know!!