Bessie's Best: Lactation Granola

Breast Feeding Mama Talk Staff

Bessie's Best: Lactation Cookies is a company that cares about getting up close and personal with the mommies that come to them for help. The founder/owner of Bessie's Best: Lactation cookies, Jen was a mother who experienced supply issues herself when she was breastfeeding. She tried everything to boost her supply. One day while playing around in the kitchen she whipped up her first masterpiece, her lactation cookies. They worked! So she started making them for her friends and their friends, and so on until it became a full blown business. Bessie's Best Lactation Cookies are helping mamas all around the world with their supply issues. She ships to all 50 states, Canada, & three countries oversees (so far!) 

I have watched her grow within the last year and I was excited when she came out with a few more products such as her Lactation Pumpkin Bread and Granola. So now I'm going to get right into her delicious granola she recently added to her store.

I have been nursing my son on demand for 10 months. He loves his milkies! As most breastfeeding mamas know we all talk lots about keeping up our supply. I recently was given the opportunity to try a new product by Bessies Best. It was Bessies Best Lactation Granola, and it was scrumptious! I loved the variety of flavors and textures. I'm a huge fan of almonds and pumpkin seeds and was excited to find so many in the mix. So often store bought granola seems to just skimp on the yummy nuts and seeds. I also really enjoyed the seasonings and dried fruits. Overall a great tastey treat for anyone! But those of us who are looking to munch on things specifically for our milk supply I'd most certainly recommend it. I'm fortunate now to nurse on demand, but being a mom, a wife, heck a woman I sometimes forget to eat as often as I should, and to drink enough water. I'm especially guilty of the second. When I foolishly let myself get dehydrated I notice my ordinarily full breasts are soft and flat as a pancake. Not to mention less wet diapers from my son, and I feel like a terrible mom.

After trying Bessies Best Lactation Granola I will definitely be keeping Bessies Best products on hand to make sure I don't have to feel like a terrible mom ever again (at least in regards to my milk supply). During my nursing journey I spent a few months pumping and donating. I know what it takes to eat and drink more of certain things to help increase your supply and I'd definitely recommend Bessies Best Lactation Granola to pumping moms as well. The days I ate this scrumptious treat my breasts were definitely fuller! It is a great variety of healthy treats and I wish I had known about Bessies Best products then. I would have eaten Bessies Best Lactation Granola everyday! I will be going back to work shortly, which means I'll be rekindling my relationship with my pump. I plan on taking Bessies Best Lactation products along with me to work to ensure I can keep providing my son with the liquid gold that keeps him healthy and happy. With a company like Bessies Best I am not concerned about my goal of extended breastfeeding. I am very grateful for the opportunity to try Bessies Best and recommend their Lactation Granola, Cookies, and Pumpkin Loaf to any lactating mama.