Breast Feeding Mama Talk Staff

When I was told I was being given a líllébaby for review I was ecstatic. I have two Ergos but something kept drawing me to try a líllébaby. I believe it was mommy intuition. The líllébaby is a soft structured carrier that allows you to carry a baby from 7 – 45 pounds without buying any extra inserts. This carrier really is complete! It offers six different carrying positions (infant fetal position, front face in infant seat, front face in wide seat, hip carry position and back position), ergonomic front facing option, built in neck support, and a hood! I tested the new “All Seasons” carrier. I live in Michigan and since we literally have snow and 70 degree weather in the same week this carrier couldn’t have been more perfect! Let me start from the beginning…

When my líllébaby arrived in the mail we were getting ready to walk out the door, but our plans changed. I was so eager to get this carrier out of the box I told my hubby we would have to wait to grocery shop. As soon as I put the carrier on I noticed a few differences between my Ergo and my líllébaby. The straps are not quite as full on the líllébaby as they are on the Ergo, but this didn’t change the comfort level. I also feel like this makes the carrier easier to travel with.

Once I had the carrier on my two year old, Isabelle who is 25lbs wanted to test out the carrier. I put her in and started adjusting the buckles. I noticed the ease of buckling the strap on my upper back, it was very easy to reach and clip. Adjusting the straps was way simpler as well in my opinion. My favorite part of this carrier was the lumbar support that can be added or removed. I normally have lower back pain after wearing my daughter but the lumbar support eliminated that issue. Next I wanted to test forward facing option. The líllébaby allows your baby’s legs to naturally spread apart in the forward facing position. My two year old also wanted to test out the forward facing option. Although I don’t think it would be comfortable for long periods, it is nice having the option to forward face for short amounts of time. It was very simple to change the carrier to forward facing. A few minor adjustments and voila! Isabelle really enjoyed forward facing, but then again what doesn’t a two year old enjoy? As much as my two year old loved being in the carrier, I really wanted to try it with her little sister, Layla. Layla is 9 months old and we have been exclusively using the líllébaby for almost 2 months and we love it.

I have carried her in the líllébaby while chasing her big sister around at the park, grocery shopping, funeral viewing, cleaning the house, and just to have my arms free when she has been fussy. Nursing in this carrier is discreet and simple and the comfort is undeniable. I had my cousin try it when she came into town several weeks ago. She has an Ergo and loves it but I wanted her opinion on the líllébaby. At first she was unsure, she had gotten used to using the Ergo so she was hesitant to like the líllébaby. After walking around with it on for a few hours she couldn’t get over the comfort level, especially on your back. The lumbar support makes a huge difference! My next favorite feature was the zip down option on the “All Seasons” carrier. When it was warm I left the front panel zipped down so the mesh would allow air flow to our daughter. When it got chilly I zipped it up to trap our body heat. We are travelling tomorrow to Disneyworld for the first time and taking the líllébaby with us. I am excited to have the “All Seasons” carrier to use in the extreme heat. If you like soft structured carriers I really urge you to try a líllébaby. There are suttle differences between all carriers and those suttle differences can decide whether you will successfully baby wear or not. Before purchasing any carrier, go to a local boutique and ask to test different styles to find what works best for you, but please don’t overlook the líllébaby. It is worth every minute of your consideration.