The Vintage Honey Shop Nursing/teething necklace review

Breast Feeding Mama Talk Staff

The Vintage Honey Shop is a Godsend for a lot of nursing mothers. They make hand crafted necklaces that are meant to aid in a woman's nursing experience, while remaining fashionable. All the way down to their packaging The VHS puts a great deal of thought, care, and quality into their products. Melissa & Jennifer The co-owners of The VHS are not only best friends, but they are sister in laws too!

I found about them when trying to find sponsors for giveaways on my Breastfeeding mama talk facebook page and they excitedly agreed to giveaway, not one, not two, but three necklaces to our BFMT members. They were also so excited and confident about their necklaces and insisted that I get one to see for myself how great they are. I'm not even nursing currently but they are so trendy, that I might just wear it anyway. They also sent one out to my friend Kim who helps run breastfeeding mama talk.


What are nursing/teething necklaces anyway? A Nursing Necklace gives baby a focal point and has been proven to keep a child breastfeeding longer, not only each time but for longevity. Nursing Necklaces have been given credit for helping Moms breastfeed up to 2x longer. The Necklaces range from 24 to 32 inches long. Mother or Caregiver of the baby wear it during feeding so baby can focus on colors and shapes sharpening their visual skills and keeping baby focused on the necklace not painful headturning distractions. Nursing Necklaces have been around for over a decade but are just now really starting to catch on. They have been approved by La Leche League as an aid to new mothers. These necklaces have also been called Mother's Necklaces, Feeding Necklaces and Breastfeeding Necklaces.

First of all, their packaging alone was so elegant I almost didn't want to open it. If you were to buy one as a gift for someone, it's already beautifully wrapped the way it comes. When I first took it out of the package I was amazed immediately at the quality and the look. I love that it ties in the back so that if baby was to pull and tug at the necklace it wouldn't break like a normal necklace would. Also it was so light weight and the fabric was so soft I actually forgot I had it on! I have issues with wearing certain accessories especially if they feel heavy or irritate my skin, but this necklace feels as if I'm not wearing anything at all and that is a huge plus for me. As I said I'm not currently nursing, but The VHS insisted on giving me one as well as giving away one to one of my team members and three of my bfmt members.

So far everyone that I have talked to about their necklaces had nothing but good things to say. They have countless comments from woman thanking them for their amazing work ethic and care they put into making their necklaces.

Here is the feedback I got straight from my friend Kim about her necklace she was given and I quote: "I absolutely love my nursing necklace. The quality is amazing, I can tell that this necklace will last through all my nursing years. The necklace isn't too heavy, I feel like it's the perfect weight. My daughter loves to play with it while I am nursing her, which keeps her from scratching me. The color was also beautiful and perfect. I would recommend this product to all of my friends."

I will definitely be recommending their necklaces to all our nursing mamas. Whether they have an issue with their toddler focusing on nursing, if their baby is pulling their hair or scratching them, or if they are just simply inquiring about the best place to get a nursing necklace, my top recommendation will definitely be going to The Vintage Honey Shop! Thank you VHS for giving away five of your beautiful necklaces to the Breastfeeding Mama Talk organization. Now so many more woman know about your products and now we have a solution that were confident about giving to our nursing mothers who may be struggling with the issues that this necklace helps aide them in!