ITEM: ROCCO DUFFEL (brass hardware)
AGE: 5 years
LOCATION: Arlington, VA
WHO: Alexander Wang
WHERE: Online
HOW MUCH: Current Retail - $925

The ALEXANDER WANG ROCCO was my first designer handbag. Up until this point, I didn't really know much about designers but I remember seeing this bag and falling in love. Nowadays you're probably sick of seeing this style but I just remember being attracted the the edgy simplicity and making it a personal goal to own it. It was my first year working as a freelance makeup artist and this was going to be my "treat yo self" item for making it through.
I remember staring at product images online and imagining myself wearing it. I remember wondering if it would be too heavy or if this was the right size (I don't think the ROCKIE had come out yet). Eventually I had saved up the funds and purchased it online because I didn't have to pay for extra shipping. I believe they've gone up in price since I got mine because I remember it being $875.

I had it shipped to my mom's house and opening it felt like Christmas. It felt good because I had earned it and who doesn't love that feeling? I asked what Mom thought of the style and I think she just shrugged and said "It's nice" haha.

Despite the weight of the bag I used it every day for years and truthfully, didn't care for it as much as I could have. I would take it to set and carelessly throw half open makeup and brushes into it at the end of the day (hence the makeup stains inside). It followed me from Virginia to New York and eventually to LA but never really gave me any issues. Except I remember getting stopped going through airport security because of the studded bottom and the TSA smirking as they waved me by. Oh and there was a time the leather that held the strap attached to the bag broke from weighing it down for so long. That was an easy fix and for as much as I was lugging that thing around, I think it was fair.
The Rocco hasn't come out to play much lately but it will always have a place in collection.