Big Blended Family Brings Online Home to New Digital Platform Maven


...about blending two families into one, is now amplifying its voice via Maven (MVEN), the new digital media platform that recently went live.

Big Blended Family just launched on Maven and can be found here.

“Working with this team of experienced digital professionals who believe in the strength of independent media has restored my faith in my ability to not only survive, but now thrive, as a publisher in this ever-evolving digital landscape,” said Julieta Alvarado, the founder of Big Blended Family.

BBF offers tips and insights, ranging from meals to schedules, for fellow travelers on the blended family journey.

“Julieta and her team are authentic and focused, and lead a passionate audience. In other words, they represent exactly what our Maven coalition is all about,” said Maven CEO James Heckman. “We’re building a coalition of independent publishers -- across virtually every subject category -- who are genuine, committed experts in their arenas. We are the antidote to the clickbait that pollutes so much of the internet.”

Dozens of award-winning journalists, best-selling authors, top analysts, important causes and foundations are bringing their organizations to Maven’s coalition of elite content channels.

Maven is an expert-driven, group media network, whose innovative platform serves, by invitation-only, a coalition of professional, independent channel partners. By providing broader distribution, greater community engagement and efficient advertising and membership programs, Maven enables partners to focus on the key drivers of their business: creating, informing, sharing, discovering, leading and interacting with the communities and constituencies they serve.

Based in Seattle, Maven is publicly traded under the ticker symbol MVEN. The executive team and operational board members include digital media pioneers James Heckman, Ross Levinsohn and Josh Jacobs and technology innovators Bill Sornsin and Ben Joldersma. For more insight, head to