Bob Brooks and Joining Digital Media Network TheMaven


...moving his online home and quarter-century of money management expertise to the new digital media network, TheMaven (MVEN).

Brooks is one of dozens of award-winning journalists, best-selling authors, top analysts, important causes and foundations who are joining TheMaven’s coalition of elite content channels.

Brooks, who is president of Dallas-based Prudent Money Financial Services, has been sharing his money management insights with the world since launching a daily radio talk show in 2002 and then expanding with a weekly newsletter and financially focused online channel,, which is joining TheMaven Network this spring.

“I joined TheMaven’s elite content coalition to expand my audience beyond radio, and teach people about personal finances and stewardship on a much larger, state-of-the-art platform,” Brooks said. “James Heckman and the entire leadership team at TheMaven are proven winners in the world of digital media and information and so I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to be a founding partner in something we believe will be transformational.”

Heckman, the founder and CEO of TheMaven, noted that Brooks exemplifies the mission of TheMaven. “He’s not just an expert producing content in his field -- he’s passionate about helping people improve their lives. The authenticity from our founding content partners is evident by the loyal following they bring.

“Consumers shouldn’t tolerate algorithmic, commodity-produced content feeds, filled with ‘link-bait,’ ‘ad-farms,’ or intellectually insulting list-gimmicks -- it’s just pure and simple profiteering, not journalism. Bob and our partners are elite thinkers and leaders in their fields and our mission is to improve their ability to connect and engage directly with their audiences in a way that sets a new standard of quality and community,” Heckman added.

TheMaven provides independent publishers an end-to-end business home, where they can continue to distribute on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter but as part of a fully integrated, unified approach.

TheMaven welcomes passionate, market-leading professionals from all sides of the political and spiritual spectrum and in that regard, Brooks represents a unique approach to his work. He encourages listeners to “stay on the road of prudent stewardship” by teaching Biblical principles of money management. His advice encourages people to think for themselves and not just accept the beliefs of what he calls “Pop Culture Finance.”

Brooks also is the author of the book Deceptive Money, a step-by-step guide to eliminating credit card debt. Bob is TheMaven’s third new channel partner operating in the finance category, joining Brad Thomas, who focuses on real estate investment trusts, and Neale Godfrey, who specializes in financial planning for Baby Boomers and Millennials.

TheMaven is an expert-driven, group media network, whose state-of-the-art platform serves, by invitation-only, professional, independent channel partners. By providing broader distribution, greater community engagement, and efficient advertising and membership programs, TheMaven enables partners to focus on the key ingredients to their business: creating, informing, sharing, discovering, leading and interacting with the communities and constituencies they serve.

TheMaven Network will launch this quarter in beta as channel partner signings continue to be announced.

Based in Seattle, TheMaven is publicly traded in the OTC Markets Group, under the ticker symbol MVEN.