Emmy Award-Winning Car Care Expert Scotty Kilmer Joining TheMaven


...spoken word that he turned The Scotty Kilmer Channel into a YouTube phenomenon, is bringing his wildly successful show to the new digital media network TheMaven (MVEN).

“I joined TheMaven because I saw an opportunity to reach even more people and help them out,” said Kilmer, whose massive following has generated more than 160 million video views. “After meeting with TheMaven team, I was impressed from the top down by the professional grade of all involved.

“TheMaven is a perfect match for me, as part of their expert-only network. Their business model allows me to do my thing, while they handle technology, distribution and advertising - and they bring serious internet executive experience. It's hard enough for me to stay ahead of emerging car technology, so I appreciate them ensuring my media technology is out front as well. This is a perfect Yin/Yang relationship,” he added.

TheMaven is a growing coalition of elite, independent reporters, analysts, experts and cause leaders across multiple subject categories. Kilmer plans to launch “On The Road With Scotty” on TheMaven this spring.

A mechanic for the last 49 years, Kilmer uses expertise and wit to make informative and entertaining videos. The Houston Press dubs him “the Guru of Gasket.”

“Bringing Scotty Kilmer onto our network, brings an intense auto audience within the automotive vertical,” said James Heckman, the founder and CEO of TheMaven. “His following is phenomenal and he has a history of partnering with manufacturers who seek the opportunity to have their products spotlighted by someone with an authentic expertise respected by their customers. On top of being the most knowledgeable and professional mechanic in media, Scotty’s sense of humor and unique personality also help him connect with his audience on a genuine level. We’re proud to have him as a founding partner with TheMaven.”

TheMaven is an expert-driven, group media network whose state-of-the-art platform serves, by invitation-only, professional, independent channel partners. By providing broader distribution, greater community engagement, and efficient advertising and membership programs, TheMaven enables partners to focus on the key ingredients to their business: creating, informing, sharing, discovering, leading and interacting with the communities and constituencies they serve.

TheMaven Network will launch this quarter in beta as channel partner signings continue to be announced.

Based in Seattle, TheMaven is publicly traded in the OTC Markets Group, under the ticker symbol MVEN.