Environmental powerhouse SustainableHuman.com broadens voice on Maven


SEATTLE — Video storytellers Chris and Dawn Agnos are bringing their powerful Sustainable Human movement to the digital media coalition Maven (ticker symbol MVEN).

"Dawn and I have been running Sustainable Human since 2011, primarily on Facebook,” said co-founder Chris Agnos. “We see real value in being able to engage with our viewers much more directly, and needed a new home for our content. We are thrilled to be able to create a special place on Maven where our community can have deeper conversations, share their stories, and form closer ties. Maven’s smooth, clean platform is perfect for bringing these connections and conversations to the next level."

SustainableHuman.com examines the root of the sustainability crises and highlights how people can sustainably live in harmony with the environment.

"We explore the most challenging environmental, social, and political issues of our time, escaping the 'left-right' paradigm that keeps humanity feeling disconnected, and telling new stories capable of guiding humanity toward a more sustainable future for all,” Chris added.

“With over 1.7 million followers on Facebook and thousands more on Twitter and YouTube, Sustainable Human brings a large and diverse group of engaged followers to Maven,” said Maven CEO James Heckman. “That’s why we’re here: to provide a home to independent publishers with the expertise to lead passionate audiences.”

Maven is a coalition of mavens operating on a single digital publishing, advertising and distribution platform, under a single media brand. Based in Seattle, Maven is publicly traded under the ticker symbol MVEN.