Maven CEO James Heckman Talks Relationships with Zuora's CEO Tien Tzuo


During the pandemic crisis online viewership has understandably skyrocketed as people are sequestered at home with an insatiable appetite for information. However, advertising is typically the first thing cut in an economic downturn. Zuora's CEO Tien Tzuo sat down with Maven CEO James Heckman to talk about how to balance and grow online platforms when ad revenue is scarce.

Heckman shares valuable advice and insight into why Maven's platform remains hedged to emerge strong:

"We’ve all been getting the Covid-19 emails. Anyone can do that. The real dividends come from investing in your service during good times as well as bad."

"We are infrastructure and optimization specialists, and there are huge benefits to be gained just from making digital content work better."

"You need to grow engagement, if you want to grow your subscription base and blocking access isn’t going to get that done."

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