Military Expert and L.A. Radio Talk-Show Host Bryan Suits to join TheMaven


...intelligence and foreign affairs with the addition of Bryan Suits, a radio talk-show host, Fox Business regular and decorated combat veteran.

Suits, who is known for his cutting-edge information and penetrating analyses, said, “TheMaven is the advanced platform I’ve been waiting for. I’ll now be able to seamlessly blend my work as a reporter and analyst with my podcast and social media following.”

Suits is a mainstay on Los Angeles’ KFI Radio, the most-listened-to station in America.

“TheMaven reflects how the world of communication has evolved in the way we use social media and smartphones to consume, share and create. My program on TheMaven will bridge professional analysis with group interaction on a platform for the modern age,” he added.

Expanding on the “Dark Secret Place” brand that he has built at KFI Radio, Suits plans to launch his own channel on TheMaven (symbol MVEN) in April.

Suits’ ability to quickly gather and analyze intelligence from war zones and conflicts around the world has been praised by an array of special operations forces personnel and he has become a sought-after analyst by major media outlets. His predictive analyses of events in Syria, Libya and Yemen, among other places, have proven spot on. He uses a combination of high-tech social media filtering and traditional sources around the globe to secure real-time information.

“Consumers have become the targets of unapologetic, link-bait profiteering instead of actual journalism. So we’re focused on building a coalition of elite, authentic, independent media reporters, analysts and conversation leaders,” said James Heckman, CEO and founder of TheMaven. “With this goal in mind, Bryan works only in facts, his information-gathering skills are extraordinary, and he possesses a unique ability to analyze events and share his insights in a clear, powerful way. He’s also downright witty and entertaining to listen to.”

Suits is a decorated combat veteran who served our nation in three conflicts: Desert Storm, Bosnia, and Iraqi Freedom and was awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart while serving in Iraq. He began broadcasting on KFI in Los Angeles in 2007 following previous stops in San Diego, Seattle, Portland and Salt Lake City.

TheMaven is an expert-driven, group media network whose state-of-the-art platform serves, by invitation-only, professional, independent channel partners. By providing broader distribution, greater community engagement, and efficient advertising and membership programs, TheMaven enables partners to focus on the key ingredients to their business: creating, informing, sharing, discovering, leading and interacting with the communities and constituencies they serve.

TheMaven Network will launch this quarter in beta as channel partner signings continue to be announced.

Based in Seattle, TheMaven is publicly traded in the OTC Markets Group, under the ticker symbol MVEN.