Syria/Counter ISIS: Anadolu Press Agency Publishes US Troop Locations In Syria.-
-The official Turkish Government Press Agency published the locations of the (approx) eight US Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) on Syrian soil. These bases range from a large, runway equipped base South of Kobane and East of the Euphrates River in Kurdish dominated territory.
The Anadolu's move is (probably) at the behest of the Turkish Government and intended to signal their deep opposition to US support of Syrian Kurds who are organized as the YPG, and are accused of have PKK ties. The PKK are the terrorist organization that Turkey has battled for 30 years.

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Is this in any way an official violation of Turkey's terms membership in NATO? If so, can it be challenged as such? Not that Turkey would much care, but it would be an opportunity for the organization to reassert the obligations of member states.