I Tested An Advanced Army Vehicle With Jay Leno


The December 13, 2017 episode of CNBC's Leno's Garage will feature a segment about a hydrogen fuel cell concept car that the Army is currently evaluating.

Do these things have a future? Well, I was underwhelmed. But in all fairness the vehicle had been running all day and the current cell wasn't designed to for an extended run without topping off. The technology is promising, and has many logistical advantages going for it: Less fuel consumption overall in a typical Army brigade; excess power can be utilized for FOB operations; mechanical simplicity.

The supply burden for a Brigade deployed over a wide area is staggering. Diesel for vehicles and power generation is just as important as "beans, bullets and band aids." A single effort to bring hydrogen to vehicles kills two birds with one convoy.

Also, the fuel cells themselves are extraordinarily simple. As seen here.

Hanging out with a gearhead like Leno was a blast and he actually is a pretty good off road driver. I gave him some quick instruction on tactical Recce driving. As a former enlisted and commissioned Cavalry Scout, this kind of field work was always the best part of the job.

Leno's Garage airs on CNBC December 13 .


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