Catch a Glimpse doing OK after collapsing in Nassau Stakes


ETOBICOKE, Ontario – Trainer Mark Casse said 2015 Canadian Horse of the Year Catch a Glimpse was in good order Sunday after a scary incident in Saturday’s Grade 2 Nassau Stakes, where she collapsed after being pulled up by jockey Florent Geroux on the turn. Following the incident, Catch a Glimpse was able to walk onto the horse ambulance and was vanned off.

“She ate last night, and she’s a happy camper this morning,” Casse said Sunday. “It was one of the more scary moments of my training career, that’s for sure.”

Casse said the likely cause of the issue was an abscess. He said he has had horses experience similar issues during training hours but not in a race.

“More than likely, what she had was some type of abscess that you don’t know is there, and it perforates,” he said. “It’s not really a true bleeder. Her’s happened to happen when she was running, and she bled significantly. She bled so much she couldn’t get her air. She stumbled and fell.”

Casse said Catch a Glimpse will get some time off on the farm.

“We’ll do some tests and ultrasound her lungs,” he said. “We’ll check her out and go from there.”

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So glad Catch a Glimpse is ok after that collapse!