Coalition of Mavens


At a time when 85% of all digital advertising revenue growth is going to just two companies, it’s becoming more difficult for independent publishers to run a long-term successful, profitable business.

The headlines have been clear - the rules of the road are changing quickly, and independent publishers need a new path.

Together, we can regain control -- and reclaim our independence.

Join us at the inaugural Maven Coalition Conference, the beginning of this movement.

On April 11-13 in Whistler, British Columbia, we’ll be bringing together the most elite independent publishers in the world to kick off this movement. We'll share stories from mavens across finance, politics, and entertainment -- and actionable insights for how to secure your own future media success.

Maven’s leading executives, James Heckman, Paul Edmondson and Josh Jacobs, have decades of experience as entrepreneurs, executives, advisors and industry visionaries. Now at over 40 million organic monthly visitors, Maven is partnering with proven entrepreneurs to create a new media model: a coalition of content creators and shareholders, building a shared future that allows us to control our own destiny and grow our businesses together.

To find out more about the Coalition Conference, email