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I believe FB dummies up all sorts of emails to people they censor. They gave me no notice EVER when they cut back my page and content. THEY LIED and never sent a thing to me. IT was just slam,bang you are cut back. Get this I am not a political person...I had never posted political stuff onmy site. I posted church music which happened to be beautiful Russian Orthodox, I post Icons ,I posted MOSTLY COSTUME HISTORY and I admit to the odd OWL, Goat or cat picture.

The one time I post a Ron Paul speech ( Like him I am anti-war and have been since 1964) , the next day all my stuff ...costumes, Icons, music, dolls, animals and other things I like ..gardens, are GONE.MY list of friends...just a basic shell of a site.

NOTHING has been sent to me these past few weeks from FB I was never in trouble with them. Some friends call to let me know, I am not in service. the WWII history group leader whom I help moderate, emailed me to let me know they cannot reach me.

SO here I am on old lady well over 70 and in poor health, who is just left floating in the FB cesspool .

So as to Diamond and Silk.... I REALLY believe them about never hearing from FB. It has happened to me and I bet this has happened to them.