Facebook's Flowing River of Garbage


I mean, for that brief period where Facebook felt truly open, it was as comedy writer Matt Klinman says, a "beautiful thing." But given how far we've deviated from those days, is there really any going back? Now that Facebook has laid its cards on the table, that we have to pay-to-play and our systems can be turned on their heads at the blink of an eye, it would be a little crazy to think that there's any way to backtrack on this road. On this panel with Gretchen Tibbits of Little Things, who had to pull the plug on the business because they couldn't adapt fast enough to Facebook's algorithm change, Klinman dug into Zuckerberg:

One of the most beautiful things that humanity’s ever created is just like worthless garbage now. It’s basically like this flowing river of garbage that you throw things into and sometimes people see it or not depending on the whims of this asshole billionaire who has to sit on a booster sit in order to tell congress that he’s not a machine.

Maybe I'm wrong though, do you think we can recover? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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Tek Taloy
Tek Taloy

Mr Matthew Klinman every thing can get repaired the question is which force is in power in this day of age .


The river of garbage is impossible to wade through and even more difficult to penetrate. The noise is killing our brains.

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