It's Complicated: JP Sears and his relationship with Facebook


Everyone has had that kind of relationship, right? The one where the target is always changing and nothing you ever do is good enough. The constant shifting and confusion starts to make you question your own sanity. JP Sears hilariously (with a dollop of depressing) shows how Facebook is like that toxic relationship you just can't seem to leave. I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like we're so far down the rabbit hole, there's no escape. What say you?

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I love your work and have you on my YOU TUBE favorites. Sent a few through FB share and got laughs with over100 friends.

FB makes me feel as if I am in their cage... afraid to like many things like my fav Historic groups the UDC or even the DAR. Not to mention Civil War grave sites which cover both sides of the conflict...had relatives on both sides. I cringe every time I like a CW battle site or monument.... oh, LORD it is a CONFEDERATE STATUE!!!! BUT wait that's my great-great granddaddy....He is my kin.

I am a true friend with to a descendant of US GRANT.... I AM worthy.....please do not toss me to the WOLVES OF FB...

It as if I am waiting to see if they report me to ANTIFA or any other violent group and I wake up one day with a LARGE mob on my lawn... yelling for my head.

"FRENCH REVOLUTION-THE TERROR" looms large in the FRONT YARD... oh look they have a tumblr rolling down the rod.

I am an Eastern Orthodox Christian....hey wait a minute... people like ANTIFA killed MANY of my Russian family 100 years ago and the REAL NAZIS killed couple of hundred more in Eastern Poland.YIKES!!

FB is a cage and it causes me stress. Can't I just send cat pictures?? Who cares if those kitties live in a Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia??? YES, some stranger saw those kitties on my homepage because I was naïve and made them public.... Somebody called me a Commie the other week because Trump talked to Putin.

LEARNED how to make pics private or subject to limited viewing. THAT person calling me a commie also thought my sister- in-law looked fat at her birthday party in MAY... she wears a size 3 ( everybody should be so FAT).

Well thanks for reading.


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