The Rise, Fall and Rise Again of Influencer Marketing


Holly Homer, Stacey Ferguson, Ana Flores and Anna MacFarlane are all powerhouse women's lifestyle bloggers. Homer runs, a wildly popular blog meant for moms to find quick, easy activities to entertain and engage their kids. When Facebook banned sponsored content on Pages, overnight Homer had to readjust her business model to keep the blog going. Ferguson (, Flores ( and MacFarlane ( share similar stories and talk about how they've adapted to this new content marketing climate.

Responsible content marketing is also a priority for these bloggers. And the importance of finding organic matches with brands.

"When I can find a sponsorship that just fits, it's something I use everyday...anytime I can tell that story, and have that monetized, it's a win-win situation," said Homer. "I would have told that story anyway, because it was such a tip or such a trick."


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