Why Are You Giving All This Content Away Free?


All HipHop tried not to rely too heavily on social media platforms for traffic, but have still been impacted by their policies and watched their colleagues suffer as they drank the Facebook Kool-Aid. The signs were there that something was off and Greg Watkins and Chuck Creekmur saw that. Their foresight saved them from being brutalized by algorithm changes but they still felt the sting. And stood back in awe as they watched artists and friends give up their content for free to Facebook.

From Greg Watkins:

One of the things that I was always adamant against was going too hard on building audiences on Facebook and Instagram and trying to keep as many people coming directly to All HipHop because there was no way to monetize it. Even when you did monetize it, Facebook had rules in place. It wasn't like it was your audience. So for us the biggest impact with Facebook has been a lack of engagement or a fleeing of engagement on All HipHop to these bigger platforms where people are whether it's Instagram or Facebook.

And I've always said to the artists and other brands, I can't believe you're giving all this content to Facebook and Instagram just give it to us. We actually represent what you're doing and you're making all these guys billionaires by giving it to them with the hope that at some point you may be able to reach an audience.

Watch the video for Chuck Creekmur's thoughts on ad sales.

Is Facebook making free money off your content? Talk to us in the comments.

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Salah Al Din
Salah Al Din

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Well I left FACEBOOK in 2013 something like that 🤔 when they first started shortening feeds and putting what they felt needed to be placed on your feed first out of all your other content. Happy for me I stopped facefakebooking! So my best content over the years never went to fb. But instead it did go to (TUMBLR & INSTAGRAM) for free. I never thought about montizing from my creations content because I just loved to do it and mostly had a message I wanted to express.

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