FedUp Cup Round 2 Preview


Earlier this week one of my partners E asked me where's the blog at DLid and then I realized I hadn't been writing in a while. So this rainy Saturday morning is time to get my pen going while i watch the US Open. We will talk about the Rall Series and some rules review we need to do.

Venue Change

First things first. We changed the venue for Round 2 to the Classic. Due to the smoke in the area Jackson Park has been closed for over a week so we could never confirm our times. Being the agile committee we are we relocated to The Classic. As you know The Classic always play tough and we will finish right before the Seahawks manhandle the Patriot's.

Just remember we are at THE CLASSIC. DO NOT SHOW UP AT JACKSON.


Gary Hollins takes the lead in FedUp points going into Round 2. He has 19 points. My myself only garnered 2.5 due to a bad front 9 at Allenmore. But like i told myself its a 4 round tourney. Slow and Steady.

Tournament Scoring

Now let's talk about a couple of things that we need to address to make our rounds go smoother. The first is Tournament Scoring. There are many way golfers keep score, but there is only 1 correct way during a tournament. At the end of each hole you should write down the number a player got on the hole. If its a par for an the player got an 8, write down an 8. DO NOT WRITE down +4. You are to write down the number the player accomplished. Additionally if its a par 5 and the player got a 5, write down a 5. Not a 0. You will be disqualified in a tourney for not writing down the write score and the player who signs his card with an incorrect number will be disqualified.

Also you should write your scores down at the end of each hole. We cannot be a few holes down the road, or worst case at the end of the round reviewing scores. Do it before you tee off on the next hole. Additionally review the scores on each hole at the end of the 9th and the 18th hole. You don't have to add it up but make sure you all have the right scores written down. Lastly turn in your cards to the scoring table as your first order of business so we can get them added up quicky.

And last thing you must watch every stroke of the person yours score you are keeping. Sometimes we ask the first person to finish a hole to move ahead to the next tee box to keep pace. This is fine as long as you are still watching the person you are keeping score for. On the course you are responsible to protect the field. We are humans and if you aren't protecting the field by watching your player you may miss a stroke. So please take this seriously.

Identifying your Ball

Lastly I wanted to share some thoughts on identifying your ball. During a tournament when we are playing your ball down you may need to identify your ball. This is fine, as long as you request permission from your group.. For example, there may be other methods of identifying your ball (i.e. process of elimination) than marking, identifying and replacing. We had instances in round 1 where player complained of excessive identification which could be confused as improving your lie. So if you need to identify your ball, you must ask for permission or risk being DQd. This may not happen this week due to rain and lift, clean and place, but just beware.

Alright that is it for today. See yall soon. And congrats to my guy Edgar who just crossed into Single Digit Handicap. Good work sir!!!

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