Seattle Wins the Inaugural Rider Cup 5-4


WE had talked about it for years, but we finally put it in action. A Seattle vs Tacoma Rider Cup. We had 3 teams going for the inaugural outing and we played a match play format. Everyone had a great time.

Each foursome played a 4 ball 2 on 2 match for the first nine and 2 singles matches on the back 9. The 2 on 2 match was worth 1 point and each singles match was worth 1 point. So each foursome had a potential of 3 points.

Here is how the captains set it out:

  1. Seattle: Marcus Jay/Gary Hollins vs Tacoma: James Slade/Gary Walden
  2. Seattle: Barry Cunnigan/Bobby Clements vs Tacoma: Charles Jones/Richard Claxton
  3. Seattle: Derek Liddell/Thomas Ferguson vs Tacoma: Durel Billy/Ed Claxton

Well here is how each match finished up:

In the first match Marcus/Gary Hollins won the first 9 for 1 point. Marcus defeated James for another point and Gary Walden beat Gary Hollins for a Tacoma point. Seattle wins 2-1.

In the second match Barry/Bobby won the first 9 for 1 point. Barry defeated Charles for another point and Rich beat Bobby for a Tacoma point. Seattle wins 2-1.

In the final match Tacoma wins the 9th hole to halve the first 9. Each team received a 1/2 point. Durel defeated Derek with 3 birdies on the back for 1 point. Ed and Thomas came down to the last hole which they halved. Each team receives a half point. Tacoma wins this match 2-1.

So the final tally was 5 points Seattle to 4 points Tacoma. The format was great, the player were great. All around we had a great day. It was chilly, but nothing a nip of whiskey and time with the fellas can't cure. Remembering all the golfers that inspired this match is the greatest thing. My Dad, Bill Wright, Judge Jack Tanner. For me the list goes very deep. I am proud to be apart of this group to ensure we make some history our damn selves.

Thanks to all the players. See you next time!!

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