US Open Courses: Torrey Pines (South) and Chambers Bay


The first challenge with US Open courses is getting on the Tee sheet. Once you do that then you have to make sure you don’t have to sell the farm on the green fee. And once you've done that you can prepare for the greatest test of your golf game in the United States. I have been lucky enough to play Chambers Bay 10 or so times, so that's not so much of a challenge. This December I had a trip planned to San Diego with my family so given the opportunity I was able to get on a Torrey Pines. Getting on wasn't too hard, but once their the rough was a thing to be reckoned with.

To me Torrey is more difficult that Chambers Bay. Primarily due to the length of the rough. I have never played out of rough like that in my life. The PGA will be there in 2 months so that might explain letting the rough grow. Torrey Pines doens't have the elevation changes of Chambers Bay, but the views are spectacular and as I mentioned that rough is menacing.

I don't always get to play 2 US Open course back to back, but when I do let it be Torrey and Chambers Bay.

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