A quick fix for your snap-hook


My miss has been a hook for as long as I can remember.

On my good days, it's a sweet draw but when my tempo is off and my hands get in front of my body, fore left.

I'm usually cheap and don't wanna spend money on lessons. So I routinely self-diagnose on YouTube. More often than not, I can find the fix I'm looking for.

I looked at videos going over swing plane, shoulder angle, quieting my hands at the top, etc., and none of those things seemed to work when I went to the range.

My fix came from this Hank Haney article. Particularly this paragraph:

Making that trigger with my right index finger kept my hands intact way better, and it took literally two swings to start feeling confident with it. This problem primarily existed for me with the driver, and the index finger trigger trick eliminated my tendency to roll it over to the left.

I'm hitting more fairways and feeling way more confident at address. Give it a try!

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