Hows That Shank!


If you find yourself reading this you might be a long time reader of golfheads, or someone who is struggling with the shanks. If you are the latter let me give you some inspiration. You can beat it.

Earlier this year I fought the shanks again and i have them under control because my mind is under control. Re-reading Golf is Not a Game of Perfect this summer helped a lot. I am focusing on my target only as I start my swing. Additionally my setup and swing positions are good. With all of that I am scoring pretty well. I do need to continue to put in work on my short game and that will happen, but even without that I am in good shape.

Getting my mind right took a while, but its there. I am not taking practice swings when its my turn to hit. I: AIM, GRIP, ADDRESS, PICTURE, ATHLETIC and EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZIE. Real talk. You can get in your own way with all the other stuff. Worry about swing mechanics at home or on the range. Of you are a competitive golfer, when its your turn to play you can't give yourself a lesson. It won't work in the long term. Especially when playing with players who are out there to kick your butt and highly confident in their game.

If you have problems with the shank, create a profile and comment on this story. I will share my journey with you. I am highly confident you can beat it. You just have to learn how.

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