This Week in Golf: The Journey That Is

Derek Liddell

You know the best thing I heard last week was realizing that golf is a journey. Maybe once I truly embrace that a Shank won't bother me.

Since we last spoke, I have hit some beautiful irons. And some shanks. That's right plural, but the amount of good shots is improving. There is something sliding me left and moving my head. I will work on that. Last week I posted 88, 89 and my handicap has risen to 10.4, but I'm not deterred. There are things happening that tell me by Fall things will be back in sync. Until then appreciate the journey. Allow other things to distract you (i.e. basketball, running, etc.).

Golf is a fun game but its not everything. When I shoot a basketball I love when it goes thru the hoop all net. But I also shoot air balls occasionally. Mentally that doesn't bother me, like a mishit iron. That is where I'm shooting to get with golf. Yesterday instead of running to another round I hung out with some basketball family from Seattle to Tacoma and as far north as Lake Stevens. We ascended on Liberty Park in Renton and had a great time.

Well we have had a few weeks off tour. Next week will be a weird one for me because of Summer Basketball. Sunday twilight is in play. I am supposed to play in a tourney at Fairwood Saturday that i might pull out of due to my sons hoop schedule. He is playing really good basketball right now and I'm averaging 4 points a game from the stands myself.

With all that said if folks want a game on Saturday, leave your name in the comments.

Also there is a standing Friday night game starting at 5:30P or 6P at Fosters. Get it down there if you can. I made it down this Friday and finished birdie birdie. Twas real and the bar is really active afterwards.

P.S. Photo Credit to Proof in the Play at our Love Of Basketball picnic yesterday.

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