DIY Tutorial: Tissue Tassel Garland {Matte + Metallic}


Better late than never, right? Cindy’s glam princess inspired Royal Baby Shower (from earlier this year) featured pink + gold, baby inspiration and crowns! We also added affordable style with crafty (& sparkly!) diy projects like Embellished Doll Furniture and this DIY Tissue Tassel Garland!

Tassel garlands are such versatile, high-impact party decor. They’re perfect for jazzing up dessert tables, backdrops, and the overall party space – and mini tassels make a whimsical addition to a centerpiece or floral arrangement. Read on for step-by-step info on how to make them yourself!



by: Hostess with the Mostess


– Tissue Paper Sheets ((20×20 or 20×24) for matte tassels

– Mylar Sheets OR Foil Fringe Door Curtain for the metallic tassels

– Scissors or X-Acto Knife

– Ruler (optional)

– Hot Glue (optional)

– Scissors

– Washi Tape

– Baker’s Twine


  1. Fold your tissue paper sheet in half vertically & horizontally. Cut along one of your folds, creating 2 separate sheets. Stack the two pieces together, one on top of the other.

  1. Keeping the folds at the top of your sheets, use either your scissors or X-Acto to cut thin vertical strips (about 1/2 inch), leaving about an inch of uncut tissue at the top of your sheet. If you decide to use an X-Acto, you may want to use a ruler to help keep your lines straight.

  1. Unfold the sheets and flatten out. You should have about 2 inches of uncut tissue paper in the middle of each sheet.

  1. Working with one sheet at a time, roll the tissue paper tightly along the uncut middle portion.

  1. Twist the rolled piece and fold in half to make a loop. You may twist the bottom of the loop to keep it together, or use a tiny bit of hot glue to make the hold a little stronger.

  1. To give the tassel a complete, polished look, use a cute piece of washi tape to cover the base of the loop.

  1. Feed the Baker’s Twine through the loops & hang!

TIP: We also made gold tassels using metallic fringe door curtains (available at Party City). Simply cut down to size and fold in half! (You can also use or metallic fringe garlands for smaller tassels.)



To make the mini tassels, cut your sheets into 8×8 or 10×10 before beginning. Your strips should be about 1/4 inch wide.


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