Festive Candy Corn Inspired Halloween Party


Kate of And Everything Sweet had a last minute craving to get creative and host a little after-school Halloween Bash. The result? This super cute & crafty Candy Corn Inspired Halloween Party! The sunny colors on this dessert table just scream HAPPY Halloween… and those stacked “candy corn” pumpkins have got to be one of my new favorite things! ;)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

– Cheese puffs served in “candy corn inspired” containers wrapped in ruffled crepe paper

– Stacked spray painted pumpkin topiaries sitting on beds of candy corn

– Candy corn cake pops embellished with orange gingham ribbon

– Owl crafting activity + a Halloween scavenger hunt!


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Kate:

I had a little after school Halloween party with some of my daughter’s good buddies. It was a little bit of a last minute party as I started planning about a week and a half ago!! I wasn’t even sure I wanted to have a party until I stumble across MimisDollhouse.com. There, Holly has created the CUTEST candy corn printable set. Candy corn- check! Chevron- check! Polka dots- check!! Adorable design- check!

Ok, that’s it!!! I’m havin’ a PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I set up a totally candy corn dessert table complete with cake pops, rice krispie treats, lolipops, and top hat cupcakes which of course, were all dressed up as candy corn! :)) I made candy corn pumpkin topiaries to go on each end of the dessert table. They were so easy to make! All I did was get three different size craft pumpkins and some spray paint. Voila! Candy corn pumpkin topiaries. I also included some cheese puffs on the dessert table (to add something salty). I used dollar store treat boxes (pack of 12 for $1) and covered them with crepe paper to resemble candy corns. LOVE the way these came out! :))

Last year I went crazy with the post Halloween sales. I purchase allll kinds of treasures and goodies so when I started pulling all my stuff out this year I thought, HOW am I going to pull all this random stuff together!?!?! Then I came up with the idea of a Halloween treasure hunt. I had “scavenger like” clues leading the girls all over the house to different spots. At each “spot” there would be a treasure and another clue (leading them to the next spot). They LOVED this!!

After the treasure hunt we sat down to do a little craft. I found some foam pumpkin cut outs at Hobby Lobby and decided to do something with them. I wanted to stick with the candy corn theme, BUT I couldn’t think of anything super cute… So I came up with an idea to turn the pumpkin cut outs into OWLS! So I came up with a design and used card stock to cut out all the shapes (wings, eyes, etc). They turned out SO cute!! The girls did a great job. :)



– Party design, desserts & photography: And Everything Sweet


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