I Couldn't See the Beauty in This...


At first.

You see, I had been to Oahu before and I vividly remember the beautiful sandy beaches, water so warm it felt like the world’s largest bath (even at night!), and the calm and serenity of the island.

And that’s what I was expecting on my trip to the Big Island. But instead, I got this…

Whaaaa? Cue the questions: "What is she complaining about? Is she crazy? This is gorgeous!!"

Yes, I know. Totally crazy.

The thing is, I couldn't see the beauty in Hawaii because I was expecting Oahu.

Hawaii is raw and powerful (not calm and serene), the beach at our place was rocky lava (not smooth and sandy), the water was tepid at best...

It's not that Hawaii wasn't gorgeous and spectacular... it's that it wasn't was I was expecting.

Have you ever felt let down by your expectations? Have you ever missed the beauty of your own journey because you thought it would look different?

I get it.

Maybe you're frustrated because your husband can lose weight at the drop of a hat - so why can't you? Or maybe you're disappointed because you slipped off track - again.

Whatever your situation, you can flip it in an instant. It's all in your MINDSET.

It took me a while, but once I was able to let go of my expectations, I was finally able to see the beauty in Hawaii. As I connected to the raw beauty of the island and the power of the island, I started to feel it within myself. And I started to fall in love with the island.

So instead of pining for someone else's journey, how can you appreciate your own? Instead of seeing all the ways you've "failed," how can you see your wins?

One of the most powerful transformations my clients experience is in shifting their mindset.

Once they're able to let go of expectations, appreciate where they're at, and see the successes along the way, everything changes. EVERYTHING. And that's when the weight comes off.

Recently, one of my clients shared that it was hard at first to not see the immediate changes that you get in a "quick fix" diet, but things have now shifted for her in such a deep and profound way and the weight is coming off without even trying - she's so excited she wants to shout from the rooftop and share this with the world!

She said she's done so many things before, but "this is different - this is real."

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With love,

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