LA Restaurant Famous For Its Meat-Heavy Menu Has Gone Plant-Based


Beelman’s Pub, a Los Angeles-based gastropub famous for its menu of oysters, burgers, and hot wings, has gone entirely plant-based as of Wednesday, November 9th. Beelman’s has been a staple of those looking to for elevated pub food and a drink since opening its doors on South Spring Street in downtown Los Angeles in 2014.

Reported by TimeOut LA, the sudden switch doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Artisanal Brewers Collective, the organization that acquired Beelman’s earlier this year, already owns a number of plant-forward bars in town.

The pub’s new menu fuses American pub food with Asian flavors. Regarding the new menu, Beelman’s chef Caroline Concha told TimeOut, “I am thrilled to bring a redefined plant-based pub experience to Downtown L.A., creating a casual environment where both the beverage program and plant-based fare can share the spotlight. The menu at Beelman’s is entirely original and puts unique, vegan cuisine at the forefront where it belongs.”

With plant-based burgers that look, cook, and taste like meat slowly making their way to the menus of meat-heavy restaurants across the United States and more Americans than ever before reducing their meat consumption than ever before, indeed, it is an exciting time for plant-based food.

What’s on the Menu?

So, what’s on the all-new Beelman’s Pub menu? Check out some of the tantalizing options below.

Their banh mi-inspired Banh Dog features a plant-based frankfurter served on a pretzel bun with Vietnamese pickled vegetables and fresh cilantro.

We can only imagine that Beelman’s customers, whether they are plant-based or new to vegan food, are as impressed with the new menu as we are.

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All image source: Beelman’s