Do Social Justice Advocates really want to encourage firing for expressing views?


So many Social Justice Warriors are championing the firing of James Damore, the controversial Google employee who wrote a viral argument against Google's diversity initiatives. They think his views have no place in the office environment they're advocating for. And that's fine, they have a right to promote their agenda.

But it's a dangerous position for them to encourage. I wonder how they would react if the situation were reversed, if suddenly Social Justice Advocates were fired for expressing their views.

Imagine a company policy to fire all feminists.....
Might be a prudent logical economic decision, feminists do in fact tend to more frequently bog down companies in crippling expensive lawsuits, or threats of lawsuits, like the distracting messes faced by Github, Tesla, Uber, Google, and many others. Genuinely incredible companies doing amazing things are too often derailed into a PR tailspin by unsatisfied feminist employees with an agenda, calling a social justice army of journalists to action.

Why take such a crazy risk? It might be smarter to never hire any feminists, or anyone with social justice views. Maybe better to just fire all feminists now, before they claim pay discrimination or a hostile work environment. Social Justice Warriors seem to be the more serious liability.

Do Social Justice Advocates really want to encourage firing employees for expressing views?