Rent Control Doesn't Seem to be Working...


To the editor: Steve Lopez is under the impression that "most renters do not live in rent controlled units," when in the city of Los Angeles, about 80% of all rental units are covered under the city's rent-stabilization ordinance, which means they are rent controlled. ("Housing crisis can be good news, if you're a landlord," Nov. 15)

In this housing crisis, a renter is more likely to live in a rent-controlled unit than a market-rate unit. This is an excellent example of how rent control does not result in affordable housing.

It is easy to blame landlords for high rents, but most economists agree that our elected officials have not only failed to plan for our region's housing needs, they have also implemented policies that have discouraged development for decades, thus creating the housing shortage that is responsible for driving up rents. Read the full Story by the LA Times HERE :