5 Potential Benefits of Medical Cannabis for Weight Loss

5 Important Benefits of Medical Marijuana Use
5 Important Benefits of Medical Marijuana Use

Legal cannabis is already a reality in many countries, especially because of its medical uses, already proved by science. Many studies have shown that both n...


Cannabis and its various health benefits are common knowledge now. Years of research and recent clinical trials helped shape a new perspective towards this plant. Today cannabis-based treatments for various ailments are available, and marijuana doctors are becoming increasingly popular across the world. While there has been a tremendous discovery in the potential front of cannabis, it is a commonly known fact that cannabis increases your appetite. Weed munchies are known to all. But whether this factor causes weight loss among cannabis users is still debatable. Did you know research suggests that cannabis users are slimmer and have healthier body weight? Let’s look at how these mechanisms work.

1.CBD can boost metabolism

There are a variety of best sativa strains available in today's time. Each of these strains has unique effects on the user. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is one of the most common psychoactive substances. It causes an increase in the appetite of the user. CBD, on the other hand, reduces appetite. Thus it suppresses hunger as suggested through this study.

The body has a built-in endocannabinoid system that responds to cannabis through its receptors. One type of these receptors (CB1) is present mainly in the central nervous system and the brain. This type is also commonly present in fat tissue with people suffering from severe obesity. The other type of receptor (CB2) is present throughout the body. Evidence suggests that CBD can help reduce weight and control metabolic disorders.

A study conducted with animal subjects helps understand the interaction of these receptors with lymphoid tissues. Injecting 1.1mg or 2.3mg doses to rats based on body weight showed a significant fall in weight. CBD e-liquid can hence be a great way of enhancing your metabolism and initiate weight loss. Studies also suggest that CBD can reduce the risk of metabolic disorders that cause weight gain and obesity. A study in 2018 shows that diabetes, blood pressure fluctuations, and high cholesterol levels directly cause weight gain. CBD helps keep these parameters in check to enable weight loss effects.

2.Promotes ‘browning’ of fat

There are primarily two types of fat existing in our bodies – white and brown. Brown fat is the kind that rapidly breaks down calories. It helps to generate heat and provide energy to the body. White fat, on the other hand, is more concentrated in the body. It is responsible for energy storing and transfer. It protects the organs from temperature changes and impact from the outside world. Excess consumption is also known to cause many illnesses, particularly diabetes and types of heart diseases.

Overweight people generally have a higher content of brown fat than white fat in their bodies. Research suggests that certain strains of CBD may be able to enhance the effect of this conversion, thereby drastically reducing the risk of disease and providing greater weight management control. A study conducted in 2016 shows that CBD enhances the process of brown fat breakdown in the body and helps burn more calories, thus aiding weight loss. Using administered CBD along with an effective oral dosage of turinabol can help you immensely in the fat loss process.

3.Control insulin and blood sugar levels

Generally, smoking is associated with high blood pressure and other health-related problems. But in the case of cannabis, the effect can be slightly different. Certain strains, if used in controlled and targeted dosages, can control blood sugar levels, and even counter low blood pressure. Low blood sugar increases appetite encouraging poor nutrition choices. It adds to the weight and can cause a multitude of problems. While high blood sugar decreases appetite, it promotes weight gain and may lead to insulin insensitivity. Cannabis can aid in bringing balance to blood sugar levels claims a study.

The combination of CBD, particularly tetrahydrocannabivarin, CBN, and THC, helps enhance the glucose absorption levels of the cells. You can get your THC dosage from strains like the bruce banner strain to get the best results. With a higher efficiency of absorption, there is a very less percentage that converts to fat. Hence you can maintain your body weight easily. The right level of blood sugar also ensures you do not feel hungry too often. Explore the right strain with a mixture of these cannabinoids on online dispensary Canada, that can help control hunger.

4.Motivation and Reluctance control

Weight loss is just as much psychological as it is physical. Unless you believe and feel motivated to work towards your goal, you can never get close to your dream weight. While CBD is known to enhance mood and control anxiety, it also influences motivation levels and focuses. It is particularly useful for individuals trying to rid themselves of excess fat in their bodies and look better. Many people lack the motivation to exercise or perform repetitive cardio workouts,

which causes them to give up easily. CBD can decrease reluctance to perform such exercises and thereby give you more control over your fitness regime.

CBD rich strains also enhance energy in the body, which can help you expand your workout limits and shed more calories than your plan. Remember, since marijuana also relaxes the body if consumed in greater amounts, it would hence be counterproductive to workouts. Hence a controlled dosage needs to be administered for this to work effectively as a tool for motivation and reluctance control.

  1. Repairs inflammation and liver damage

Our liver is a crucial organ in the digestive system, and any damages leave the body impaired of energy. High levels of sugar intake strain the liver, and it causes damage to the organ. Similarly, alcohol abuse and other bad habits could cause the organ to dysfunction. A study conducted in 2015 shows that CBD and terpenes in cannabis help reduce triglycerides build-up in the liver. It also improves insulin resistance in type 2 diabetics patients. Also, pancreatic inflammation is yet another problem observed in people with diabetes and obesity. The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis help heal both the organs and restore balance to the body's energy house.

Contrary to popular belief, marijuana has very different effects depending on the extraction technique used by its user. For individuals who like smoking, the effects of weight loss might be less pronounced. It is because of the tar left behind in the system, which causes less oxygen to flow in the body. This effect could reduce the efficiency of workouts. While vaping and edibles may be safer alternatives for individuals who prefer safer methods of consumption, it also has its downsides, like delayed response and THC not being absorbed effectively by the body. Keep these points in mind when you buy weed online. Consult a marijuana doctor to know the best ways to consume cannabis to achieve effective weight loss benefits.