I Use CBD Every Single Day, Here’s Why


CBD is a product that I first learned about nearly one year ago. I read somewhere that it might help with my diabetes and it seems worth a shot. I found that when I took the CBD oil I was calmer, less stressed all the time and relaxed. My social anxiety was almost completely gone. That alone felt like a miracle to me but I learned more and more about CBD oil.

For example, I have a friend who was diagnosed with cancer of the lung and liver. He had surgery to remove part of both. He immediately started using CBD oil, along with the medications his doctor gave him. After several months, his doctors were watching another small lesion that appeared in his lung.

My friend used apricot oil and CBD together. In a month he went back to the doctor who as going to set a surgery to remove the new lesion but to the doctor’s amazement, the lesion was shrunk to almost being gone. It was barely a speck. We realized that the CBD oil, combined with the Apricot oil, was what healed him and now I used it to keep from getting cancer in the first place.

My diabetes caused some neuropathy in my toes and sometimes it used to feel like I was standing in a pot of boiling water and there was literally nothing that I could do about it. The pain would keep me off my feet and unable to wear socks most of the time because they would aggravate my toes. After being on CBD oil, it has helped the nerves in my toes and I don’t have the pain anymore at all. I have a tiny bit of numbness but this also seems to be subsiding.

Also, thanks to diabetes, I was diagnosed with retinopathy. My eyes are bleeding from the small capillaries behind my pupils. The high blood sugar made my blood thick and it ruptured those tiny capillaries from all the pressure.

Eventually these ruptures could cause me to lose my sight, but the doctor is hopeful that by putting me on a newer drug for diabetes, Trulicity, that my numbers will stay low now and I won’t have any more bleeding. I take CBD because it also helps to keep my blood thinner - because it is an anticoagulant. That means that clots don’t form easily with CBD in your system. For me, this means that the pressure on the capillaries is also reduced. It gives me added insurance that I won’t go blind at this point.

CBD is rich in antioxidants and it boosts the immune system. When you have an autoimmune disease, it is very easy to get sick and stay sicker for longer than other people. A simple illness can turn into a big deal. A tiny cut can turn into a horrible infection with high blood sugar because sugar is what infections feed on. I need the boost to my immune system to help fight all of these things. CBD is a daily supplement for me now and I take it as needed, if I’m having a bad anxiety day I can take a little extra.

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