Low Dose of CBD Liquid Eases Epilepsy Seizures

It has been well-documented since 1881 that cannabis helped with seizures. Marijuana was criminalized in 1937 which cut

It has been well-documented since 1881 that cannabis helped with seizures. Marijuana was criminalized in 1937 which cut many people away from having access to a safe and affordable means of help. In fact, most anti-seizure medications weren’t developed for many more years and they often don’t work effectively. The strongest of these leave people feeling drained and tired all of the time.

When [marijuana](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabis_(drug%29) was made legal in California, people swarmed to that state in order to be able to gain access to effective treatment, even for children with severe Epilepsy. Tinctures were made so that children could be given oral drops and it was found to work. Families claimed it was a miracle the way their child stopped having severe seizures several times per day to only a mild seizure once every few days.

Researchers finally learned in the 1990s that it was Cannabidiol (CBD) in cannabis that was dramatically the cannabinoid that worked for seizures. By extracting CBD into oil that could have most of the THC removed, other than traces of less than .03%, suddenly access to treatment was available to people everywhere again. CBD is sold legally in all fifty states, meaning that anyone can get CBD for their Epilepsy if they choose to.

The documentation of how CBD has changed lives is easy to find. It’s everywhere. Families tout it as a wonder, a miracle and a gift from God. Science listened and research was funded that led to extensive studies and trials. Within the last few years, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved the first ever drug made with cannabidiol for use in Epilepsy.

The drug is expensive and it isn’t available to everyone. You must fail on the normally prescribed medications first, before your doctor can prescribe Epidiolex to you. The active ingredient in it is cannabidiol. This is a major step in the medical community’s acceptance of cannabis as a medical option that is viable.

Many people simply opt to use CBD oil and most find that if they use a high enough strength of CBD oil, they only need a few drops each day. You can control the dosage yourself and take as much as you need to control your seizures. There are no extreme side effects from CBD and it isn’t addictive or harmful to you.

Those with Epilepsy lead difficult lives, never knowing when a seizure will come. People have to give up driving and lose their independence. Cooking and handling knives or sharp tools is dangerous, should a seizure happen suddenly. Living alone is very difficult for anyone with Epilepsy. When seizures are uncontrolled they can happen at any moment and be quite extreme.

Never knowing when a seizure will happen means that many can no longer work. Living a normal life is very difficult with uncontrolled seizures that can happen several times per day. Brain cells also die when seizures happen. CBD is capable of giving these people a life back and reducing harm to the brain because it is also a neuroprotectant that helps keep the neural network healthy.

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