The Most Demanded Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

The industry is expected to see progress in upcoming years, and is estimated to be a $57 Billion industry by 2027

With over half of US states having legalized Medical and Recreational Marijuana, cannabis employment is now the fastest-growing job market in the U.S., and is still expected to grow as more states continue to legalize the herb. In a report made by Leafly and Whitney Economics, cannabis manufacturers and distributors for both recreational and medicinal marijuana saw massive hiring volumes last year.

The industry is expected to see more progress in upcoming years, and is estimated to be a massive $57 Billion industry by 2027. Now is the best time for job seekers out there to start gaining experience inside the industry, since it’s still in its early stages. It still has a lot of room for growth, and is very much in need of applicants.

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These are the Most Demanded Jobs in the Cannabis Industry:


Thanks to improved technology, cannabis growers are able to continue their farming capabilities all year round, which means cannabis trimmers are in constant demand. Marijuana trimmers delicately prune the cannabis buds without butchering them. It’s a great place to start if you need experience in order to pursue other cannabis related careers. At $12-$15 an hour, the work is not too specialized, which is why it is usually taken for granted. But take note, this job requires skill and a lot of focus during the monotonous working hours. Trimmers must understand the difference between strains and the anatomy of each.

Bud Tender

A report from Detroit Free Press indicates that cannabis dispensaries are on a rampage with regard to hiring budtenders, as marijuana programs continue to expand into more states and cities.

Contrary to what some people say about budtending being a dead-end job, budtenders are the counterparts of pharmacists, bartenders, customer care specialists and store monitors rather than simply sitting behind a cash register all day. Moreover, it’s serious business. A budtending position is also ideal for freelance workers seeking to expand into a contract position.

Lab Technician

As most states require Cannabis to be legally tested by third party labs before being sold, there has been a significant demand for lab technicians in the recent years since the legalization of marijuana. The job is very exciting and entails a lot of research work and laboratory tests. These involve working with chemicals, solvent and modern lab equipment. Lab technicians also conduct structured and unstructured interviews and must be proficient in the analyzing of data. The best place to start for these jobs is in the medical field.

Dispensary Manager

As a manager, ensuring compliance with federal, state and local marijuana usage laws, cost control, inventory control, cash control, staffing, scheduling, training, maximizing profit, and customer relations are all your primary goals. This also includes effective communication with all levels of the organization and to foster a clean, healthy and professional working environment.

This is a perfect role for those who’re aspiring to be future CEOs, but take note: due to marijuana’s highly regulated nature, managing a cannabis dispensary isn’t the same as managing a retail store - just a small slip may end up causing the cancelation of a business licence.

Marketing Manager

Marketing Managers manage the day-to-day marketing activities and long-term marketing strategies for the company. As we all know, marketing is a very crucial part in a company in order for it to survive. Cannabis is no exception, and since the cannabis market – still being in its early stages – is very much in need of outstanding marketing managers.

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