8 Amazing European Cities You Should Visit Before You Die


Life is short, and that reasons enough for you to pack your bags and head to Europe for a grand tour. If that is the case, which places are you going to visit? Do you know any particular destinations in Europe? Those are some of the questions you should be asking yourself as you plan for your trip. In case you don't have all the right answers, worry not. Below is a list of some of the most amazing European cities that you should visit before you die. Take your time and analyze each city, and if it has exactly what you need, put it in your bucket list.


Before you take a flight out of Norway, you may consider visiting the city of Odda to have a look at the cliff that stands 1,100 meters above sea level. As frightening as it sounds, Trolltunga, which translates to Troll's tongue is a spectacular location in Odda that attracts enormous crowds. It is one of those places to see before you die. Just like its name suggests, Trolltunga looks like a tongue, and it can be a scary place to be in case you are afraid of heights. While at Odda, you can take scenic nature walks as well as go for hikes.


First, tour Barcelona and pay a visit to one of the holiest places in Spain, the Sagrada Familia. This is not only one of the best locations in Barcelona but also a significant landmark in the country. The architect Antoni Gaudi did some great work developing the structure. Funny enough, the building is still under construction. Its magnificent beauty makes it one of the most attractive architecture in the country. You can then pay a visit to Camp Nou in case you are a football fanatic. Have a firsthand encounter with some of the places that only players can access. You can finally stop at La Pedrera and see Gaudi's last civil project.


The name sounds funny, but the city is excellent. Reykjanes is a city in Iceland and the place where you get to find one of the most fantastic natural features on earth, the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is one of the wonders of the world thanks to its unique look and impressive appearance. Something else you can do in Reykjanes pays a visit to the Hallgrimskirkja church, which is also a landmark. The church is a commemoration of the Icelandic poet Petursson Hallgrimur. The sight is impressive considering you get to look at a 40-year construction project. It is quite a breathtaking site to tour before you die.


Tuscany is a city that everyone tends to forget even though it has some of the best attractions in Europe. There is also a chance that you have no idea which country it belongs to. This incredible city in Italy is home to iconic places such as Piazza del Duomo, The legendary Torre Pendente or the leaning tower and the cathedral of Santa Maria. The architectural significance of Tuscany is astounding, and the culture is mesmerizing. If you are an art enthusiast, you can also spend time at the Uffizi gallery and have a look at some of the best exhibits. It is also amongst the best places to go on a road trip. People often like to visit different cites on their road trips using a roof rack on their cars to enjoy the view.

St. Petersburg

Is there something fascinating in mother Russia? The only way to find out is to make your way to St. Petersburg, one of the most significant towns in Russia. The city has an incredible site with distinct buildings and fascinating streets. Find your way to the Hermitage museum and have a look at one of the largest art collections on the planet. Once you satisfy your desire for art, take a turn to the Mariinsky theatre and slow down your day by watching the ballet. It is the best place to watch some of the best ballet dancers.


This is a city that you can only visit if you are willing to spend some cash. Stockholm is one of the most expensive cities on earth. It is one place where you get to spend so much on so little but its beauty is worth all the money in the world. The first site you should have a look at is the royal palace. This is not only a UNESCO world heritage site but also the place where the Queen of Sweden dwells. There you can see the Sweden empire and admire how lovely it looks.


There is no way you can get the better of Europe without touring the mighty city of Paris home to Eifel Tower. Paris is among the most amazing places to visit in Europe. Take a walk in the streets and enjoy its beauty as well as the incredible architectural designs that cover the whole area. You also get to shop in incredible fashion shops that sell high-end quality clothes. You can also go ahead and have a taste of France's history at the Musee du Louvre Museum, home to all the kings of France. It is the home to some of the best artwork in the world. One can mark their travel memories on a beautifully designed carte du monde à gratter and cherish them forever.


Once you visit all those cities in Europe, you can make a stop at Queenstown and finish your tour with style. Most of the best attractions in New Zealand are in Queenstown. Take a walk in the Botanical garden and admire the nature as well as the beauty of the place. You can also go ahead and pay a visit to the Skippers Canyon that spans across 13.7 miles. After that, find a sport and party until you feel it’s time to leave Europe and head back home.

These are the places that you can’t afford to visit before you die. They hold some of the world's incredible natural features and amazing landscapes. You also get to see at least one wonder of the world and appreciate its significance on the planet. All you have to do is make sure is visit as many places as you can.


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