AgTech Leads the Way

Ethan Uhlig

Those watching marijuana stocks have been pleased to see the growth shown in the North American Marijuana Index over the last month. It seems that wherever you look, marijuana stocks have increasing value. Because of this industry-wide growth, nearly every sector of the marijuana industry has shared in the benefits. However, some sectors have seen greater growth than others.

According to the Index's general stock listing, of the 20 stocks seeing the greatest growth recently, 5 come from the AgTech sector, which provides technology to assist in the production and cultivation of cannabis. The recent strong performances of firms like New Age Farm (NWGFF) and Lighting Science Group (LSCG) have put this nascent but promising sector at the top of the charts. As more commercial growing operations come online thanks to the opening of new markets for both medicinal and recreational purposes, the demand for more efficient and more sustainable agricultural technologies will likely drive additional growth in this sector.


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