Ethan Uhlig

MarketWatch reports that cannabis is becoming a part of holiday shopping in states that have legalized it. Sales of marijuana went up by 20% in the week leading up to Thanksgiving, and a notable, though small, bump occurred on Black Friday. Several retailers began offering sales on Black Friday, both in person and online, attempting to expand the holiday shopping craze to buying marijuana.

Several players in the industry, like Adrian Seldin (CEO of Canndescent), are speculating that this is the first step in a larger trend of increased marijuana sales around the holidays. The two seem like a natural fit -- cannabis has a strong association with food and eating, and there's no time for eating like the holidays. This has obvious business implications. If cannabis can be associated with holiday shopping, the entire industry will benefit. This isn't just because of increased revenue, though that's certainly a welcome sight. The more integrated the cannabis industry becomes with the realm of "normal" shopping, the more likely we are to see the media treat it more like a mainstream purchase, like alcohol or tobacco. That sort of news is sure to put a smile on any investor's face this holiday season.


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