The Legalization of Cannabis Deliveries in California

Leif Price

Cannabis deliveries are now legal anywhere in California. This is definitely good news for proponents of legalization of legal cannabis deliveries, and business owners in the cannabis industry in the larger Coachella Valley. These changes follow a new state legislation passed in January, 2019 which allows home cannabis deliveries even in local jurisdictions that have banned it. This law overrides bans that some cities have on cannabis deliveries and sales. With the new legislation in force, cannabis vendors are now allowed to deliver their products to any address in Coachella Valley. Unlike before, vendors can no longer be apprehended by local authorities in Coachella Valley in the process of delivering their products.

Cannabis business owners in this area have happily welcomed the new legislation arguing that it would enable them to expand their businesses and consequently earn more revenue from the sales they would make. Licensed cannabis vendors in Coachella Valley are now free to do business without restrictions thereby enhancing liquidity and opening doors for more investments in the industry. In the near future, more dispensaries are expected to open up in this area and certainly this would be good for the local economy especially through taxation.

However, this new legislation has attracted vehement criticism from various quarters with opponents viewing it as a gateway to underage marijuana access. Concerns have been expressed about the possibility of younger kids accessing marijuana with the convenience of this law.

The move to legalize home cannabis deliveries and the advent of e-commerce has added tremendous convenience in the cannabis industry in terms of reaching out to customers. Apps like Eaze, an on-demand delivery of cannabis products in California will surely have a greater scope and thus be beneficial to the cannabis industry. The new law has also prompted the California Department of Food and Agriculture to come up with regulations that would enable farmers to receive an unlimited number of permits to grow cannabis. This would support the thriving of cannabis businesses in Coachella Valley and California at large.

The legalization of cannabis deliveries has played a huge role in curbing uncontrolled black market for both medical and recreational marijuana. This provides an opportunity for legitimate cannabis businesses to thrive and make profits.

The positives of legalizing cannabis deliveries outweigh its negatives by far. For more news, information and industry networking dinners, be sure to check out Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network, an organization that provides a responsible and productive voice for the cannabis industry in Coachella Valley. Enjoy member benefits from local political representation to state & national political representation.


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