Welcome to the Marijuana Maven!

Tara Tedrow

Despite half of the states in America having legalized marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes, the divisiveness of the drug remains fully intact. Fear of federal criminal liability and stigmatization leave many on the periphery of what is the fastest growing industry in North America. If you want to get rich, good luck trying to be the next Uber or Facebook. Those guys have created a niche and dominated the market. Marijuana, however, isn’t a niche. It’s not a fad. And it’s certainly not going away. So why sit back and let others capitalize on these burgeoning marijuana markets and their plethora of possibilities for making money? Putting aside the federal and state based criminal liability one could face for being involved with a marijuana business,* many in the industry are getting high returns on their risky investments. We’ll be exploring those aspects of the marijuana industry, and breaking down the ways that folks have made it big, or watched their investments go up in smoke. From in depth looks at the science behind marijuana production, legal issues facing the industry and investments to keep an eye on, you can rely on Marijuana Maven to stay informed.

*Disclaimer: marijuana remains illegal under federal law and any individual involved in the marijuana industry could face punishment under applicable laws.