Buyers Guide In Selecting The Best Grow LED Lights

Leif Price

The market is filled with many LED light suppliers as it is a proven and effective way in aiding the growth and yield of plants. Here are some factors you should consider when buying LED Grow Lights:

Plant Compatibility. One might think that most plants need the same spectrum to maximize their yield - in general this is true but for some plants such as flowers and fruits they might require a more specific spectrum in order to maximize their growth; so consumers must ensure that the spectrum provided by the LED light is compatible to what the plants need. Also, different plants require different spectrums during different stages of growth. For most plants, 430-500 nm (Blue) light helps on maximizing the absorption of Chlorophyll A, Chlorophyll B and Beta-carotene so this light is most essential for almost all plants so a LED light that can efficiently produce such light would be extremely useful.

Space and Quality. On every product that you buy or invest on - every consumer must consider the quality of materials used to produce such product, it’s capability to resist wear and tear and the space it will consume once used in a limited space. In the case of earthquakes or mechanical constraints, your LED Grow lights should be still functional after minimal mechanical impacts or some compression. This ensures that there is continuous provision of light and the growth of the plants are not compromised.

Additionally, if your LED Grow lights are of good quality, this also means that its life expectancy is longer making your investment worthwhile and higher yield of your plants. One good example of LED Grow lights with high quality is DROLed, here are some of its features which makes it superior:

a. IP67 Rating - LED Grow lights are equipped with total protection from dust and can be submerged into water at 15cm to 1m depth for 30 minutes.

b. IK10 Rating - can be protected against a 5kg object dropped at 40cm height.

c. 180° Adjustable Arm - capable of being adjusted into different angles to maximize light absorption of plants.

Heat Dissipation. Plants grow best at an ideal environment - this includes ideal temperature, humidity and lighting condition. Any other device that consumes power will probably dissipate heat and thereby affect the overall temperature of the surroundings. Therefore when buying LED Grow lights or industrial LED grow lights, one must also consider heat dissipation. LED Grow lights with high heat dissipation also indicate that it consumes high power and might require replacement sooner compared to other products. Some LED Grow lights fixtures also include heat sinks so that heat power is dissipated properly. DroLED Grow lights has a patented heat-dissipate engine which enables efficient heat transfer from the LED Grow lights to the large fins.

Power Consumption. If you’re a consumer who’s looking out to minimize costs in maintaining plants, then this factor is what you’ll need to consider if you want to control your electric usage and your monthly electric bill. To maximize the yield of your plants, the LED Grow lights would have to run almost half the day, around 12 hours and this is on a daily basis so this will consume a significant amount of electricity. Some LED Grow lights have embedded power management chips, designed to minimize power consumption but still deliver efficient light spectrum; albeit being more expensive, they are worth it in the long run.

Service and Warranty. Another significant factor that you should consider when choosing LED Grow lights is the availability of service within your area in case there are problems and the warranty of your product. This ensures that you’re getting the maximum service of your indoor grow lights and you won’t go through too much hassle in case you encounter some problems.

Bottom line: DroLED is therefore the best led grow lights in the market today. It has proven to increase yield and profitability as a marijuana or cannabis led grow lights, hydroponic led grow lights and greenhouse grow lights.