How Fast Could a Certain Salt-Based E-Liquid Change in Flavour?

Flavour Changing E-Liquid!!!
Flavour Changing E-Liquid!!!

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Like any other sphere of life, the vaping world is undergoing rapid changes. At times, there are monumental occurrences, such as a change in regulations that make a huge impact, causing a ripple effect. In other cases, the changes come silently and almost unnoticed. From the availability of the best range of premium e liquid flavours online to the introduction of new and better vape kits, the world of vaping has drastically changed in the last few years.

The arrival of salt-based e-liquids changed the vaping scene forever. Vapers now have the option to experiment with more potent e-liquid, thanks to the effects brought about by salt-based vapes.

With this kind of popularity comes a lot of misinformation that can sometimes be unhealthy. To debunk any myths and misconceptions, we delve into the broad subject of salt vapes.

The Difference Between Salt-Based and Freebase E-liquids

Nicotine is the central component in both solutions. The difference, however, is the amount of nicotine that each of them contains. Salt-based e-liquids, therefore, contain nicotine salt, while freebase e-liquids contain pure nicotine.

Pure nicotine (or freebase nicotine) comes directly from tobacco. The process works by separating all impurities found in tobacco, leaving nicotine in its purest form. This form of nicotine is the most commonly used in e-juices/e-liquids today.

Nicotine salt, on the other hand, comes from the infusion of acids with a given amount of nicotine. This chemical process results in a more potent substance, which offers vapers a potentially higher vaping experience than freebase salt. Vapers can add their flavours of choice so that the final product achieves the desired taste.

How Fast Could a Certain Salt-Based E-Liquid Change in Flavor?

A vaper may fail to achieve the desired flavour as a result of changes in the salt-based e-liquid. Several factors may facilitate the occurrence of such changes and even determine how fast such changes take place. Here are some reasons for such changes in your salt-based e-liquid.

Separation of Ingredients

Achieving the ultimate flavour is a process that takes time. In some cases, you have to keep the solution for weeks to achieve the desired results. During this process, the ingredients may separate in the storage bottle. One of the explanations for such an eventuality is the difference in the density of e-juice or CBD oil vape components.

Separation occurs in the bottle that results in the formation of layers. As a result, some flavours sink to the bottom of the bottle while others float to the top. Others will hang around the middle of the container. When you pour the solution into the cartridge and vape, you will experience different flavours as you inhale ingredients in each layer.

To avoid such changes, shake your storage bottle to mix the ingredients once more before pouring into the cartridge. If you are vaping leftover e-liquid that has been in the pod for some time, shake the gadget gently to allow better mixing before vaping once more. Alternatively, One can also visit a trusted vape shop to procure the latest vaping devices.

Dirty Vaping Device

The mixture of old leftover e-liquid with freshly poured juice can give you a completely different flavour from what you anticipated. This makes it necessary to rinse your pod each time you empty the cartridge. Traces of old flavour in your vaping gadget will have an impact on the taste.

Worn Out Coil

The coil plays a vital role in turning the e-juice into vapour. Therefore, the quality and status of the coil have a significant influence on the overall taste you get.

If you notice a sudden change in flavour that you cannot trace, check the status of the coil. This flavour change could be due to differences in heating temperatures. You can rectify this by changing the coil in the vape gadget.

E-liquid contact with too much light or heat

It is essential to establish the ideal temperatures to maintain your e-liquid. Exposure to too much heat and bright light conditions may disintegrate the molecular composition of your vape juice, thus affecting the flavour.

This points to the need to store your e-liquid under the ideal conditions. If you prepare your e-juice through DIY techniques at home, keep under suitable conditions and vape within the most appropriate timeframe. This will enhance your vaping experience.

Vapours Tongue

The habits we pick in life form patterns in our body, hence the different experiences when we do certain things. Similarly, vaping registers in the brain majorly through the taste buds. If you vape a product with the same flavourings for too long, you experience what’s known as vaper’s tongue. What this means is that your senses are too exposed to the same flavour over and over.

In such a situation, even a different flavour may suddenly taste familiar, or you may not taste anything at all. This is usually a temporary situation that will clear up within a short period, probably in a day.

Your Reasons for Vaping

Vapers have personal goals and explanations of why they engage in the practice. As such, the experience you are chasing may also determine how you experience certain flavours. For instance, vapers, whose goal is to pull thick clouds of smoke, may end up experimenting with a wide range of flavours. Their experiences with these flavours may influence the kind of taste they get from different products. This is different from vapers who want small nicotine hit once in a while. Those new to vaping can also try a Flyte Pen which is the best CBD vape pens we've seen so far to reap all the benefits.


A change in flavour comes from a combination of factors. A vaper thus needs to learn in the process and decide what to include and what to leave out. In spite of this, some aspects of vaping, such as having a properly functioning gadget, are a must.

Ultimately, several factors influence the overall vaping experience. For many vapers, it takes some time and even a little bit of experimenting with various flavours before finally establishing what exactly works. Notwithstanding, the vaping experience is made exciting by a combination of activities that lead to the ultimate good feeling.