What’s the Best CBD Dosage?


When it comes to using CBD, there are many questions that new users have. One of the biggest concerns is what type of CBD to use. There are CBD powders, CBD edibles, CBD tinctures with flavors, CBD oils, CBD vape juices to be used with special atomizers called vape pens, and there are other ways as well.

Once you’ve sorted out the way that you think you would most prefer to use CBD, then it becomes a matter of what dosage you’d like to start with. CBD oils come if many different milligrams per bottle. Let’s explain why this matters.

First of all ,the CBD Is the same but the milligrams refers to the concentration of CBD within the bottle. The milligrams labeled on the front of the bottle refers to the total amount of CBD in the bottle. A 30mL bottle contains 30 doses (a dose being a full dropper).

You take the entire contents of the bottle and divide by 30 to get the mg per dose. A 1000 mg bottle will contain 33.3 mg per dose, give or take. It is always an approximation. Even the prescription pills you get from a pharmaceutical company are not precise.

So now that you have the ability to figure out the approximate dose that you are taking, where should you start? If you are a very slight person, you won’t need as much as someone who is large. CBD seems to impact everyone based on stature. A very low dose that is frequently used for animals such as dogs is 250 mg or less. A small dog would likely be good with 125 mg.

Humans typically consider 500 mg to be a low to moderate dose. 1000 mg to 1500 mg would be a moderate to high dose. 2000 mg and above would be for people with fairly acute symptoms of pain or chronic condition. It’s highly recommended that you start at a low to moderate dose to see how this makes you feel. 500 mg is a good starter dose. You’ll be able to judge from this point if you need more. Visit Other Remedies for more facts.

CBD is not something that you can overdose on, there is no lethal amount you can take. The worst that can happen is that you get diarrhea from taking too much oil. That could also give you headaches and stomach cramps. Stop taking the oil and these symptoms will stop. Reduce your amount and start again.

This is why you want to keep track of your dosage, so you can increase it or lower it as necessary. You’ll know you’ve hit the right dose when your symptoms diminish and you feel better. Remember, CBD doesn’t cure anything but it is a powerful tool in helping your body to regulate itself by activating the endocannabinoid system and boosting it.

By activating the endocannabinoid system and interacting with it, CBD can help stimulate the body to release more white blood cells to help with inflammation, block pain signals coming from the body, and ease the things you are feeling, but the underlying issues are still there. You just won’t be as bothered by them as you are now.

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