Maven Coalition News - April 12, 2019


A regular compendium of news and tips for all Mavens (channel partners) across the Maven coalition.

Maven of the Week:

Michelle Villett is editor and creator of The Skincare Edit, a site dedicated to helping you improve your skin, edit your product routine and discover safe, effective beauty solutions. Michelle is a prior editor for Elle Canada and loves sharing her beauty knowledge with her readers. She is a dedicated Maven constantly answering questions from readers and sharing all the tips she knows. Join The Skincare Edit community today in order to get insider tips straight to your inbox.

Tip of the Week - Using Quotes

Quotations can be used for all kinds of reasons, whether it's to support your argument or to provide direct information to your reader. When used and styled properly, they can also provide visual distinction on the page. Tempest users, including those of you publishing Maven sites via the new Tempest editor, can utilize two styles of quotes: Block and Pull.

A blockquote refers to a large-ish quotation from content that is from another source, not duplicated from the existing body of text; e.g., another article, or book, or website.

A pull quote refers to a quotation from the same article, and is intended to make an important point stand out.

Blockquotes and Pull quotes not only appear different but are considered different types of content by things like bots, Google, etc. Blockquotes appear as part of the content body vs. pull quotes which do not appear as part of the body. This is because pull quotes are redundant to the body copy (you’re pulling out content that is already part of the body and calling it out with emphasis). To avoid this appearing as duplicate content, it is not considered part of the body.

Currently all sites support visual styling for Block quotes. We will soon be adding the additional support for Pull quotes for Tempest users.

Adding a block quote is very easy and outlined in full step-by-step instructions here. The quote will appear as one of the below styles depending on the styling of your site. Like this:

Or this:

Please reach out to Pub Support at with any questions about how to best use quotes.

CONGRATS to these newly-signed Mavens:

  • Mavericks Maven - a community for fans of the NBA Dallas Mavericks
  • Clemson Tigers Maven - all things Clemson Tigers
  • Colorado Buffaloes Maven - a community for Colorado Buffaloes fans


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