Maven Coalition News - April 5, 2019


A regular compendium of news and tips for all Mavens (channel partners) across the Maven coalition.


This online gathering place lets you interact with fellow Mavens, share best practices, learn about new features and ask general questions. There’s also an excellent FAQ and links to materials specific to your platform. Click here to join us!

Maven of the Week:

The Intellectualist covers politics, science, feminism, and secularism, aspiring to grow daily with their readers through thoughtful discussion of current events. Take a look, it’s always interesting. In addition, Yossarian Johnson has provided significant & useful input to the Maven product team, helping make the platform better for all.

Fresh Faces of HubPages: Ph.Delicious

David Cohen has a Ph.D. in criminology, and worked for almost three decades in forensic psychiatry. Since leaving this profession, he has taken up cooking and baking gluten-free goodies to stay healthy and accommodate his daughter's gluten intolerance. So you better believe that his oat flour chocolate brownies are to die for. David’s family has also adopted a dog with PTSD, so his article on the topic is thorough, informative, and full of tips to help calm your own furry friend.

Product Update: The Notification Center is Coming...

On the Maven community platform we will deliver a notification center for users in the upcoming weeks. We earlier provided a page that allows users to manage all their direct messages; the new page will allow users to manage all other notifications.

CONGRATS to these recently-launched Mavens...

  • Spartan Nation - coverage of the Final Four-bound Michigan State Spartans
  • Fx Renew - pragmatic commentary on global events, macroeconomic data, and market sentiment

...and to these Mavens signed and preparing to launch:

  • Free Thought Project - a hub for conversations about the promotion of liberty and government accountability
  • HornetMaven - coverage & discussion of the NBA Charlotte Hornets
  • CaneMaven - stories & community for Miami Hurricane fans
  • Key News Network - factual, breaking news from major metro areas
  • Global Warming is Real - news & discussion on a critical world issue
  • KnicksMaven - all things New York Knicks
  • Plant Based News - an award winning resource for the latest plant-based-interest content. It is stuffed with vegan news, blogs, reviews, and more.
  • PanthersMaven - Carolina Panthers news & community
  • MagicMaven - for fans of the NBA Orlando Magic
  • Code Blue Ocean - ocean conservancy
  • PatriotsMaven - news & community for New England Patriots fans
  • The Nica Life - life in Nicaragua

Thank you for being a Maven.

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