Maven Coalition News - February 19, 2019


A regular compendium of news and tips for all Mavens (channel partners) across the Maven coalition.

Maven (ma·ven | mā-vən): *Professional, authentic authority, evangelist and recognized community leader for a specific topic, cause or organization.*​

We’re All Mavens Now

With the acquisitions of both HubPages and Say Media complete, it’s exciting to be operating as one Maven company. What does it mean for you as a publisher, editor, writer or moderator?

Maven is now a top digital media property, and that brings tremendous benefits to every member of the coalition, from product to distribution to monetization. In particular, a scale of 100 million+ monthly users unlocks advertisers and campaigns and distribution opportunities that simply aren’t available to smaller properties. We’ve been in-market since last year as a unified property, and have been unifying our advertising platform and partnerships. In time, that will bring opportunities for more dollars to you.

Integrating three talented engineering teams and platforms, with complementary strengths, also brings product benefits. Some will be immediate, most are longer-term. You will not see major change to your publishing workflow, as we are not replacing the current platforms with a grand architecture. Instead, we’re using a modular or “web services” approach, to bring best-of-breed features from each platform to the others over time. The first of these is described in the Product Update below.

As for the company and our support team, you’ll continue to see familiar faces including Sarah Stringfellow, Robin Edmondson, Samantha Cubbison and Pete Treperinas, along with some new ones like CRO Andrew Kraft. We all look forward to working with you to help make your business and the coalition successful!

CONGRATS to these recently-launched mavens:

Product Update

Among the first and most-visible integration projects will bring the rich authoring tools of Say Media’s “Tempest” platform to publishers on the original Maven community-oriented platform. This will also give you features like photo galleries, additional embed types, a media library, easier author attribution and much more. A small group of pilot sites led by AllHipHop and IndianCountryToday are testing the new editor, which will become more widely available in the coming weeks. Contact pubsupport if interested in being an early adopter.

The “Medium View” option is now live on Maven. While less photo-oriented than the standard layout, it’s good for sites with a lot of news density or intense communities, and several publishers now utilize it.

We will enable the option on all channels soon. If you would like to default your channel (or room) to medium view, just email pubsupport.

Maven of the Week

Since 1991, Indian Country Today has been telling stories about Indigenous people and nations through professional, thoughtful journalism. Joining Maven has stabilized their publishing platform, added social features, and led to tremendous recent traffic growth. Seattle employees have a special fondness for ICT as their editor, Mark Trahant, formerly led the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s editorial page. Visit them to enjoy their coverage of news, culture, and more, with a Native American context.

HubPages Update

Since HubPages contributors have a bit different focus than site publishers, we’ll keep sending your regular newsletter with stats. The archives are here. We’ve made recent announcements about Article Q&A, HealDove, and the new Disclaimer feature. Article Q&A has been around for almost two years now, for select Hubbers and articles, but is now available to all HubPages Network Sites.

[HealDove is in the process of being retired and replaced with three new health-related Network Sites with the goal of aligning more closely with the Google search rater recommendations on YMYL content. While not all appropriate content has been transferred from HealDove yet, social media profiles and a general awareness campaign with updates (via newsletter) have been created.

The Disclaimer feature allows Hubbers to add disclaimers to their articles, depending on the subject (General, Financial-Legal-Technical-Services (FLTS), Medical-Professional, Medical, Veterinary) - especially useful for YMYL content. Since our platform has a lot of “everyday expertise,” these disclaimers put us, the reader, and the author at ease. All Network Sites (and HubPages) have been updated with the feature.

MavenToMaven: Newer partners may be unaware of this online gathering place for you to interact, share best practices, learn about new features and ask general questions. There’s also an excellent FAQ and links to materials specific to your platform. Click here to join us!

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