Maven Coalition News - July 26, 2018


A regular compendium of news and tips for all Mavens (channel partners) on the Maven coalition.

Android app is here! Many thanks to all who provided feedback and bug reports during the beta period. Click here to install. The Android and iOS apps provide a fast & fluid user experience, especially for video, and drive repeat visits to your channel via app notifications. For you and your writers, publishing features are built-in, including the fast "film and fire" video upload. Try it!

If you see the word BETA on the app installation screen, you likely opted in to the beta. Just go here (the opt in page) then click the link to "Leave the program" (opt out).

Next week we’ll provide channel-specific links for you to promote the Android app to users, taking them straight to your channel after installation. Read more in the MavenToMaven room, and get channel-specific links for the iOS app (contact Pubsupport for room access if needed)

Enhanced Replies are live. As detailed in the June 1 newsletter, the first wave of community feature enhancements improves conversation replies (and replies-to-replies) including cleaner visuals, sort options and more. It’s now live in select rooms around the coalition (like here), and will roll out to everyone soon.

Many More Mavens... A warm welcome to our newest signees:

  • The Craft Booth
  • Community of Independent Human Beings - politics, spirituality and science
  • Why Do Dogs - information on dog health, behavior and personality
  • Bama Central - all things Crimson Tide
  • Cowboys Maven - Dallas Cowboys news and community
  • Falcon Maven - Atlanta Falcons news and community
  • Chiefs Digest - KC Chiefs news and community
  • Patriots Maven - New England Patriots news and community
  • Jaguar Maven - Jacksonville Jaguars news and community
  • Raven Maven - Baltimore Ravens news and community
  • NYGiants Maven - news and community for Giants fans
  • Dolphin Maven - Miami Dolphins news and community
  • Viking Maven - Minnesota Vikings news and community
  • Jets Maven - NY Jets news and community
  • Titans Insider - Tennessee Titans news and community
  • Eagle Maven - Philadelphia Eagles news and community
  • Cal Bears Maven - U of California Bears news and community
  • Bills Maven - Buffalo Bills news and community

ICYMI: SEO Training Materials. The presentation by HubPages is available in the "Trainings" room. It’s gold - publishers who’ve utilized this advice are already seeing measurable improvement. Also see the updated FAQ!

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Thank you for being part of the Maven coalition.

Bill Sornsin, COO

Greg Witter, PR and Publisher Communications